There are a huge of demands using broadband to deliver 4K/8K videos, as well as online games and cloud applications. As a consequence, broadband providers have to upgrade their broadband communication networks to cheer customers up. NTS has focused on RF products more than 10 years; over 5 million channels products have been delivered. Creatively, we transplant our design and manufacture experience from RF products to HFC products. Consequently, our HFC products’ FPY is over 95%.

Bidirectional Amplifier


·Gallium nitride(GaN) gain stages

·1.2 GHz downstream, 204 MHz upstream with plug-in diplexer

·Electrical adjustments for easy deployment in field

·Temperature compensated forward and reverse path

·90% FPY(First-Pass-Yield) by Tuning-Free design

·IP67 for outdoor application

·Various structures can be customized