The system can overcome the antenna effect of the capacitance probe through the circuit processing technology, and can still get the dynamic range of more than 250mm in the environment with large amount of RF interference.

The measurement accuracy of the system is inversely proportional to the distance, that is, the closer the distance is, the higher the measurement accuracy.

The system has a typical error of 1mm at 140mm.

The number of probe can be extended as required. There is no requirement for the spacing between the probes, the dynamic range and the measurement accuracy will not be affected even if the probe is tightly arranged.

We use the synchronous measurement technology, which has the characteristics of high update rate and the update speed is independent of the number of probes.

No harm to the human body.

The use of low frequency, low field and low voltage, dose not produce harmful ionizing radiation or microwave radiation, and there is no risk of electric shock.

★ Anti collision

★ Distance measurement

★ Mobile robots

★ Liquid level detection

★ Permittivity measurement

Can be extended to measure displacement, vibration, acceleration, and the content of composition etc.
The measured physical quantity is converted into capacitance and the measured physical quantity is obtained by measuring the change of capacitance.

Basic Index:

Measurement range1


Typical error1

<1mm @ 140mm; <0.4mm @ 100mm; <25um @ 50mm

Update rate2


Probe number3


Arrangement mode

Distributed, In-line, Arraying

Temperature range 4


Humidity range4







DC24V~48V (Switching power supply or linear power supply)


Serial port, USB、CAN bus


Display function can be supported


Multi-level alarm threshold can be set


1: Based on the following conditions: 60mm×60mm probe, eight probes closely arranged in line, eight probes work at the same time. The probe size is directly proportional to the measurement range and is inversely proportional to the measurement error.

2: Update rate independent of the number of probes.

3: The number of probes can be customized and can be greater than 128.

4: Meet the measurement range and the measurement error index in this environment.

5: Meet the measurement range and the measurement error index in the switching power supply case.