In the 5G era, the global mainstream operators launched the O-RAN and TIP alliance to vigorously promote the openness of wireless access network interface, white box of hardware, open source of software and network intelligence, reduce the deployment cost of Ran, improve RAN agility and accelerate innovation, so as to meet the application needs of different vertical industries. As an important member of O-RAN and TIP alliance, based on years of experience in RF communication product development and industrialization, the company takes the lead in launching 5G white box RRU by adopting self-developed DPD algorithm and high-efficiency technology. It has achieved interconnection with many mainstream BBU manufacturers in the world, and jointly launched 5G open base station products and solutions to help 5G enable thousands of industries. It has been successfully used in smart industry Factory, smart transportation, smart tourism, smart grid and other industries.

●    In September 2019, as an important member of O-RAN, NTS participated in launching the 5G base station OTIC (Open Test and Integration Center) program.

●   In December 2019, the O-RAN plugfest 2019 was successfully held in China Mobile International Information Port. NTS was invited to give a keynote speech, cooperated with partners to demonstrate 5G two antenna open type small base station dynamic service, with a downlink rate of 850Mbps. SA commercial mobile phone demonstrated online high-definition video and 5g high-speed download service based on 5G NR air port.

●   In August 2020, as the representative of the manufacturer, NTS participated in and completed the preparation of technical requirements for open front interface of OTC.