Chengdu NTS Attended "5G Conference on Innovation and Cooperation"


As a cooperative partner of China Telecom, we attended its"5G Conference on Innovation and Cooperation" recently in Shenzhen.

Major international operators have formed O-RAN alliances to promote network intelligence, open interface, white box hardware and open source software. China telecom as a core member of O-RAN alliance, has been actively to promote research on white box smallcell with partners in the industrial chain.

To meet the capacity and latency demands of 4G and 5G applications and services, mobile operators are reimagining their access networks from single-vendor hardware-centric architectures to multi-vendor open solutions built on disaggregated software and hardware components. Chengdu NTS also has been cooperated with global operators and equipment suppliers for Open RAN.

Chengdu NTS 's Remote Radio Unit(RRU) is a product series designed with advanced signal processing, multi-TRX radio technology and high efficiency technology. It supports global major frequency bands and CPRI/eCPRI interface to BBU and fulfills the requirements for 5G network as an important part of the Open RAN ecosystem.