MWCS19|Chengdu NTS made keynote speech at O-RAN seminar and launched new 5G product


MWCS19|Chengdu NTS made keynote speech at O-RAN seminar and launched new 5G product

On June 25, on the eve of the World Mobile Conference, the 3rd O-RAN Forum Seminar hosted by China Mobile was solemnly held at the Zhuomeiya Himalayan Hotel in Shanghai.

At the meeting, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom released the open reference design of 5G indoor small station. China Telecom and Chengdu Xintong jointly released the radio frequency reference design of 3.5GHz indoor active small base station radio frequency remote unit (RRU).

The O-RAN Industry Alliance aims to build a high-flexible and low-cost wireless network through network intelligence, open interface, white-box hardware and open source software.

At this O-RAN seminar, operators and equipment manufacturers discussed and shared the latest developments and future evolution planning of Open RAN. Waker Wei, Chief Operating Officer of Chengdu NTS, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Open PicoRRU Solution", focusing on the close cooperation between NTS and China Mobile, China Telecom and Intel. It took the lead in developing and launching a 5G indoor small base station RRU using autonomous DPD algorithm, which received a warm response on the spot.

With the advent of 5G era, Chengdu NTS, based on years of accumulation of radio frequency technology in communication base stations, has boldly innovated and laid out ahead of schedule, and has formed strategic cooperative relations with many operators and partners at home and abroad, which will provide them with advanced 5G products and high-quality services.