MWCS19|NTS launched the industry's first 5G O-RAN cloud station RRU


From June 26 to June 28, the Shanghai World Mobile Conference was held as scheduled. With the theme of 5G, Wisdom Alliance, Artificial Intelligence and so on, the conference attracted operators and equipment manufacturers from home and abroad to gather together and jointly open a new technological feast for the 5G era. China Telecom and Chengdu NTS jointly launched the first radio frequency reference design of 3.5GHz 5G indoor small base station in the industry. At the same time, Chengdu NTS and its partners jointly released the industry's first 5G O-RAN cloud small station product.

China Mobile Exhibition Booth Explain NTS's 5G O-RAN Cloud Station

This cloud station is a white-box small station pRU based on Intel FPGA and core-pass autonomous DPD algorithm. The power supply mode supports PoE power supply and hybrid optoelectronic cable power supply. The interface protocol can support CPRI and eCPRI to meet the needs of operators and different application scenarios in vertical industry.

Lenovo Booth

CertusNet Booth

Chengdu NTS and its partners released the industry's first 5G O-RAN Cloud Station products, which helped the 5G era wireless access network interface openness, hardware white box, software open source, network intelligence. Through multi party   joint   innovation,   it   further   helped   operators   reduce operating costs and create a flourishing 5G supply chain ecosystem.

On the way of development in the 5G era, NTS is raising its sails and pushing forward. We will continue to launch more 5G independent research and development new products to meet the needs of industry applications.