Chengu NTS attended O-RAN Plugfest and made a keynote speech


From December 16 to 17,   2019,   the   O-RAN Plugfest   2019 was successfully held in China Mobile International Information Port in Beijing. The global summit was held in Asia, North America and Europe, among those Beijing as the main venue. Over 200 representatives from more than 70 companies in the industry attended the conference, not only three domestic operators, which are China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, but also five international operators, such as orange, BT, Tim, NTT DoCoMo and reliance Ji, attended and watched the demonstration of the integration scheme.

During the two-day   summit,   more   than   20   experts   from the industry delivered a keynote speech centering on "new ecology and new opportunities". Among them, Li Xiaoping, vice president of Chengdu NTS marketing, made a keynote speech with "face to face 5g +, open white box RRU", introduced the research and development of white box RRU for 5G public network coverage and industry application of NTS and its roadmap.

During the summit, 16 O-RAN member companies formed 5   integration test lines, which showed the integration results based on the O-RAN   standard   on   site . CertusNet,   Lenovo, Chengdu NTS and Inventec respectively provide protocol stack software, virtual layer software, RRU hardware and general hardware platform, integrate and realize cloud small station based on virtualization technology, and verify the decoupling ability of software and hardware based on virtualization technology.

Since its establishment in October 2018, the O-RAN   alliance has been widely concerned and recognized by the industry. At present, 22 operators and 117 industrial companies have joined in. The goal of the O-RAN   alliance   is   to promote the opening of wireless devices' interfaces. Through the introduction of artificial intelligence and other new technologies, it actively studies open-source , white   box reference design, realizes intelligent wireless networks, improves joint innovation capability and reduces industrial costs.

NTS strongly supports O-RAN   open   architecture   and   strong ecosystem. Based on years of experience in base station RF product development and industrialization, Chengdu NTS takes the lead in launching series 5G indoor small base station white box RRU products such as 2.6G 2T2R and 3.5G 4T4R, and realizes interconnection with BBU of multiple partners, which helps to promote the maturity and ecology of wireless access network solutions conforming to O-RAN specifications.