Chengdu NTS joins TIP Open Small Cell work group


As an important member of O-RAN and   TP   Alliance,   Chengdu   NTS   has   recently officially joined the TIP Open   Small   Cell   work group,   which   aims   to provide open cloud smallcell system   with   easy   deployment,   easy   maintenance and MEC vertical   application   for   global   operators   and   vertical industries.

O-RAN Contributors

Among them, NTS provides the TIP Open Small Cell project team with 5G RRU that fully meets the O-RAN option   7.2   interface   standard,   integrates   with its partner BBU to form a complete set of O-RAN indoor   distributed   smallcell system,   and the operators   organize laboratory   test   and field   test of vertical industry application. After the evaluation of test results, TIP Alliance will promote the use of it to global operators and vertical   industries.   

TIP Members

The history of NTS participation in O-RAN

●In September 2019, as a contributor of O-RAN, NTS participated   in   launching the 5G smallcell OTIC (Open Test and Integration Center) program.

● In December 2019, O-RAN Plugfest 2019 was   successfully held in   China   Mobile International Information Port. NTS was invited to give a   keynote   speech,   and cooperated   with partners to demonstrate the dynamic service   of 5G two antenna open RAN smallcell.   The downlink rate is up to   850mbps.   SA commercial mobile phones demonstrate online high-definition   video   and   5G high-speed download service   based   on 5G NR air port.

● In August 2020, as the representative of the manufacturer, NTS participated   in and completed the preparation of the technical requirements for the open   forward interface of the OTIC