NTS Technology participated in exhibition CTIA Wireless 2011


March 22 to 24, 2011, Orlando, Florida, NTS technology unveiled the world's largest wireless communications technology exhibition CTIA Wireless 2011.

"CTIA-Wireless 2011" is the 27th session of the United States, combining mobile communications, 3.5G applications, local area networks (WiMAX / Wi-Fi), electronic components, e-commerce, satellite communications, etc. and is the world's largest communications technology exhibition, is also the most important US communications technology exhibition. Attracting more than 40,000 visitors each year, the industry's highest rating. This global exhibition is attended by dozens of industries from 80 countries in the world, with topics such as network providers, users, developers, buyers, and manufacturers related to the wireless industry. Today's CTIA WIRELESS has become the most recognized industry event.

At this CTIA show, NTS displays RF power amplifier modules for wireless communications solutions, wireless communications RF devices OEM and Internet of Things solutions, smart amplifiers, high efficiency repeaters, RRU and FEMTO home base stations.It is located in the RF device professional area and at the intersection of two channels, this excellent booth NTS a large number of high-quality visitors. Visitors listened to the company's technology, product & program profile, the company's strength that recognition, some customers for the cooperation between the two sides to maintain a positive attitude.

The company's power amplifier module, the second generation of digital enclave products and high-power MCPA with its beautiful appearance, attracting a lot of visitors; given the CTIA exhibition specifications, many of the visitors are senior management or technical leaders , They carefully read the product profile & indicators, said NTS's product is not only neat and elegant appearance product, also with excellent features, several of them hope that NTS can immediately provide prototype testing.

NTS North America branch will be responsible for the General Assembly, providing a professional services for more customers.