NTS-industrial park foundation & 1-2-3 development strategy exposure


August 31, the world's leading RF technology and service providers, NTS technology's "NTS-industrial park" breaks ground in Chengdu. The CEO Michael attended and delivered a speech, claiming that the company will always adhere to the "1-2-3" development strategy. Chengdu High-tech Zone related leadership, NTS technology partners also came to the groundbreaking ceremony, witnessed NTS industrial park groundbreaking.

It is reported that NTS industrial park back to Fu Nan River, close to the subway line, is located in the forefront of the development of Chengdu, high-tech zone.

NTS Technology CEO Miachael Lee speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, said NTS as the world's leading RF technology and service providers, has always adhere to the "1-2-3" development strategy. Specifically, 1 refers to NTS will take the RF industry technology as the core; 2 refers to the two mutually promoted business model, that is, hardware development and manufacturing, software and services; 3 refers to the product widely used in mobile communications, medical electronics and Internet of things.

"Through this strategy, we want to be a leader in sustainable innovation and excellence in RF technology and services that will create long-term value for customers, shareholders, employees and society," added Lee.

It is understood that NTS is the first batch of national high-tech enterprises that have 230 patents, and twice access to China's top 50 investment value.In wireless communications, ISM (Industrial Science Medical), IOT (Internet of Things) and other fields to provide specialized hardware, software and integrated services integrated solutions. Leading RF technology not only allows the company to continuously develop the industry's leading RF products, to maintain sustainable product competitiveness; at the same time for the company based on RF core technology products to provide a strong diversification of protection, the company's RF products to effectively extend services to various industries, market space continues to expand. As a result, the company has set up a R & D center in Chengdu, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to serve customers directly, and to set up a North American branch in Canada's largest city, based in China, serving the world.

At present, NTS is a number of well-known global enterprises of the RF suppliers, customers including ICT, medical electronics and other Fortune 500 enterprises, but also have in-depth cooperation with the well-known research institutes and other institutions. At the same time,NTS also has an important position in the field of national science and technology innovation , bears the RF field of national major special work for the national RF technology development contribution.

NTS industrial park construction area of nearly 70,000 square meters, including a 23-story R & D building and a 7-story annex. The main color is orange, bright color texture and sculpture body make the industrial park stand out particularly bright.

after NTS Industrial Park completion, it will becomes the core hub of NTS technology "1-2-3" strategy. Based on the RF industry business and technology, technological innovation, hardware and software development and implementation capabilities, NTS technology tailored for customers more personalized, diversified solutions.