NTS Introduces RCT RF Cloud Test Solution


Power, intermodulation, spurious, efficiency and other radio frequency indicators, is to determine the network signal coverage, connectivity, energy consumption is the main factor, but also operators to optimize the network, control the key to operating costs. It is difficult to configure the test standard in the RF test industry, and the test data is difficult to be analyzed and processed. The test results are difficult to be applied and so on.

For the industry's current situation, RFTech's RF Cloud Testing solution is designed to solve the first generation of manual testing with low efficiency, poor consistency, quality assurance and second generation Automatic testing of ATS test data is difficult to unify the analysis of the problem, to help operators greatly reduce the test instrument hard investment and maintenance of operating soft investment.

Test standard integrated configuration

Simple operation and double efficiency

At present, many manufacturers of radio frequency test instruments, many types, new and old models, test items, test standards can not be unified configuration, resulting in test work time and effort, test workload. CoreTech's RCT RF cloud test solution enables integrated data acquisition through distributed multi-site data acquisition, centralized test project configuration, and support for automatic testing of multiple products and simultaneous operation of multiple projects. It is reported that the system currently supports 28 kinds of mainstream manufacturers of equipment, automatic identification and matching equipment.

The RCT RF cloud test solution consists of three parts, including the Smarter RF rack, the Natrix switch matrix, and the NCard universal test interface card. Smat RF frame width and height are 48.26cm, 165cm, four casters, movable lockable, keyboard and mouse integration; Natrix switch matrix so that a set of instruments can simultaneously test multiple products or multiple channels to adapt to different types, Multi-variety small batch mode; NCard universal test interface card is to support different manufacturers of different instruments; such as: Agilent, RS, Amway, etc., while supporting 8 switch matrix, 8 Ethernet, 2 RS232, 1 GPIB and 2 USB interface.

Test data centralized analysis and processing

Managers full visualization monitoring

The second generation of automatic test ATS test data stored in the local, the data can not be centralized management and analysis. The biggest advantage of the RCT RF cloud test solution is that.

Smarter RF rack, Natrix switch matrix and NCard universal test interface card three hardware assurance is simple and convenient operation, multi-project running at the same time, efficiency doubled, RCT software system will collect the data for centralized storage and processing. And then implement the implementation of the application tools, such as the rich Checklist, Benchmark baseline, data tables, reports, tracking tables, templates, etc., for all aspects of the process.

The administrator can realize the composite quality control of data quantization and comprehensive analysis through the menu operation interface and the powerful data analysis ability and customization report function of the system, and visualize the whole process. Real-time reporting and SPC reporting provide strong decision support for management to help them identify problems and improve quality control systems.

In addition, the system supports authentication and security management, according to the role of setting user permissions. It is reported that, in order to facilitate the user's diverse needs, the software system using open scripting engine technology, easy to secondary development.

For management, the RCT RF cloud test solution is based on basic information collection, database collection as the core and foundation, enabling multi-service process management, automatic test site management, driver configuration management, debug test management, authentication and Security management, data analysis and report management. This makes management more cost-effective.

Significant cost savings

Cost savings is the goal of the enterprise. Core Technology launched RCT RF cloud test solution, is based on years of large-scale industrialization of the event, and gradually form the world's leading RF professional management concepts and methodology, from R & D testing to large-scale manufacturing management, with visual control process embodied , And then implement the implementation of the implementation of tools.

This solution, by improving the efficiency of the test greatly saves enterprise test instrument input, manpower installation and maintenance operations input. At the same time, the use of high-quality core technology, can help enterprises to control the quality of equipment, put an end to equipment with disease network.

For decision makers, Core Technology as an independent third party, the test conclusion is more fair, better with the enterprise "engineer action" and "deep plowing action" to enhance corporate brand.

In addition, the core technology to implement the "1-2-3" development strategy, focusing on hardware and manufacturing and software and services, the two business model of interactive and coordinated development. Not only in the manufacture of high-tech content, to help solve the real problem of hardware equipment, but also based on hardware to provide customized, professional services.

Including: centralized management analysis, custom reports; multi-species, multi-batch, multi-vendor custom test design; on behalf of the test, sample certification, batch testing, periodic inspection checks; and dispatch team, local work, the implementation of test outsourcing.


Case 1: a manufacturer, last year using NTS smart radio instead of the original manual and semi-automatic, RF production test capacity, increased by 50 times.

Case 2: One of the world's largest health care groups, "G", is designed to provide reliability, cost reduction, ease of installation and energy saving and environmental protection, combined with new product introduction processes, when using the RFT RCT RF cloud test solution Process, and mass production testing and management.

RCT for G company medical equipment, save a lot of expenses for the group to provide more choices to help patients to provide better service.