TD + WIFI Smallcell Solution


Using the most advanced technology and based on independent intellectual property rights of the physical layer technology, NTS has the industry's smallest size, the largest number of TD-Femto micro base station solutions.

TD-SCDMA FEMTO is a small, low-power cellular technology and one of the indoor coverage enhancement programs through fixed-line broadband access to the mobile core network, including users, including TD-SCDMA business, including fixed mobile convergence business, mainly for the family and small or medium enterprises.

IWAP is a solution that implements FEMTO CELL, WIFI (WAPI) and LAN AP. The product contains TD-SCDMA FEMTO CELL, WIFI, LAN function, not only can connect TD-SCDMA wireless network to achieve home and office environment, mobile language and video telephony, high-speed data services needs, but also the wireless business indoor application of good signal coverage Guarantee, in addition to effectively solve the indoor coverage and outdoor macro cell data streaming problem. IWAP can also achieve WIFI and LAN access, to provide users TD-SCDMA wireless services, fixed mobile convergence business, which is the construction of TD-SCDMA mobile communications boutique network of favorable weapons.

In fact, as early as 2006, NTS started the FEMTO key technology research and development, which is the earliest to enter this area of the manufacturers and the only chip to optimize the physical layer, so as to truly achieve FEMTO end user capacity doubling the manufacturers. In addition, NTS passed the "TUC stress test system" has provided much higher harsh test environment. In 2007, NTS participated in China Mobile micro-cellular base station industry standard development as a standard drafting unit, and in 2010 through the Shanghai Mobile organization network element verification test. Form the showcase of the first generation of domestic FEMTO prototype in 2007, NTS participated in planning a series of technical standards to discuss and system testing, now FEMTO products have been maintained: "the only carrier-class test production capacity, largest capacity to support the most complete combination of parallel business, unique synchronization algorithm to bring the high switching success rate "and other technical and service advantages. The equipment provided by NTS is also tested in Suzhou, Nanjing, Urumqi and other places with China Mobile. In the course of the perennial participation in China Mobile's many projects, norms, enterprise standard discussions and a number of provincial companies,the different needs and constantly improvement of our products, while maintaining the key technology and product performance of the overall advantages:

1, the industry's smallest FEMTO

Using the most advanced high-speed multi-layer board interconnect technology, magnetic, thermoelectric, electromechanical, three-dimensional field simulation technology, the industry will usually use two PCB into a size reduced by half. Therefore, the core technology launched FEMTO volume of only 0.44L, can be described as the industry's smallest size, greatly reducing the cost of the joint cable, but also greatly improve the reliability. Its appearance with a simple atmosphere of the design style, small and beautiful.

2, the only carrier-class FEMTO production test of the manufacturers

Benefited from the early years supplying to the Huawei, ZTE, GE and other multinational companies in the ranks of the mainstream, the FEMTO "TUC pressure test system" and its supporting test system, has provided much higher than the actual network business in harsh test environment.

3, the only manufacturer of FEMTO capacity doubling the manufacturers

Thanks to the ability of the R & D team to optimize the physical layer of the chip, NTS is the only manufacturer that truly doubles the capacity of the FEMTO end user, so it can support up to eight users.

4, the only full business portfolio to achieve a complete test of the manufacturers

1) support the six mobile terminals at the same time, voice and internet two concurrent business status.

2) support four mobile terminals at the same time, voice and Internet two business concurrent, and the other four mobile phone at the same time the state of voice calls.

5, unique synchronization algorithm to bring the high switching success rate

Based on the unique algorithm, the switching success rate is greatly improved, and the dropped call rate is reduced, and the interference caused by the synchronization misalignment is reduced.

6,the best domestic support service response capability

NTS has the leading TD-SCDMA experts, more than 300 TD chip professional and radio frequency technology R & D team, and the establishment of a dedicated FEMTO technical team for many years, with the best domestic rapid support response capability. At the same time, NTS has started LTE FEMTO pre-research, in the evolution of the algorithm, product design, production capacity reserves have been deployed, intended to continue to track FEMTO technology development, fully cooperate with China Mobile-driven industrial chain construction.