Hold on, Ya'an!


In 2013, Ya'an experienced a huge natural disaster: April 20 Sichuan Ya'an 7.0 earthquake.

NTS's leadership pays close attention to the earthquake disaster, unfortunately, an employee's family of our company affected. In the spirit of "one side in difficult, P Plus support", the company-leaders and all the staff have generously donated to the affected people and people in disaster areas to take their own effort to help the affected families to reduce the earthquake loss.

In may 7 afternoon, NTS held Ya'an "4.20" earthquake disaster donation ceremony. The donation, the company raised a total of RMB 30,000 yuan, of which 5000 yuan on the victims, the remaining money will be located in Ya'an Lushan County Qingren Township Lushan County Qiyi Ren Plus school for directional contributions.

It is understood that the school buildings all damaged in the earthquake, the children are now in the board room classes, reconstruction schools need a lot of money. We clear that disaster relief is a long-term care and help. In the days to come, NTS will continue to focus on this school, so that our love is often accompanied by these children.